The library provides a plantuml-client CLI script to create PlantUML diagrams via our PlantUML server.

usage: plantuml-client [-h] [-charset CHARSET] [-filename FILENAME] [-pipe] [-server SERVER] [-format {png,svg,txt}] [input_file]

Create PlantUML diagram via our server.

positional arguments:
input_file             the input file

optional arguments:
-h, --help             show this help message and exit
-charset CHARSET       will be ignored, just here for Sphinx
-filename FILENAME     the name of the output file
-pipe                  read file from stdin and write to stdout
-server SERVER         the PlantUML server
-format {png,svg,txt}  the format of the output file

Installing PlantUML on your local machine can be a bit annoying, as there are a lot of dependencies. Therefore we created this wrapper CLI script, which takes the input file and sends it to the PlantUML server for rendering.


The CLI arguments -charset, -filename & -pipe are introduced to make our wrapper script compatible w/ the PlantUML JAR file, as Sphinx PlantUML will use those arguments.